Breakout Sessions

How the Big Ones do their Shopping

Manitoba is a growing and diversified economy that offers great opportunities for businesses to grow locally. Manitoba Finance forecast that Manitoba’s real GDP will have grown 2.4% in 2013, which is above the national rate of 2%. Manitoba’s upward economy is driven by businesses whose business and supply chains expand across multiple markets. The public sector adds an important level of activity to the scene.

This breakout session has three segments that will bring key economic actors in Manitoba from the public and private sectors to share their procurement needs and the process to fulfil these.

Manitoba companies participating in this session will gain a greater understanding on how to action on the opportunity to expand or diversify their business locally. Participants will have the information that will assist them to translate the opportunities learned to grow their business. This analysis may allow them to identify an action plan that could lead them to increase their participation in Manitoba’s growing economy.

Moderator: Rick Reid – Supply Chain Management Association of Canada (Manitoba Chapter)


  • Lisa Stiver / TDS Law
  • Ellowyn Nadeau / Stuart Olson Dominion Construction
  • Martin Montani / Southern Health
  • Greg McNeil / Manitoba Hydro
  • Other Panelists are coming

Opportunities in Northern Manitoba

Northern Manitoba is an area rich in resources, with mining, forestry and hydro leading the way. The north represents 80% of the provincial territory and yet, it remains a big untapped economic opportunity for businesses active in southern Manitoba. The region does have a number of challenges but important initiatives are underway to address them.

This breakout session will include panelists that will explain in detail some of the key economic projects in northern Manitoba. The north presents itself as a great opportunity to form productive partnerships with businesses of the area. Partnerships may be an ideal model for businesses in northern and southern Manitoba to jointly develop the economic potential of the north.

This session will explore the economic potential of the northern region of the province that will assist Manitoba businesses to make a more accurate assessment of the opportunities there.

Moderator: Chuck Davidson – Manitoba Chambers of Commerce


  • Chief Ron Evans / Norway House Cree Nation
  • Tim Johnston / Mayor of Thompson
  • Glen Ross / Paskwayak Business Development Corporation
  • Wadood Ibrahim / Protegra
  • Lawrence Daniels / Fire Spirit
  • Ryan Land / Vale
  • Mike McKeman / Stantec

Business Case: Trash or Treasure

Environmental practices are moving from being perceived as a “nice-to-have” to a reality that these are a “must-have”. Manitoba businesses need to decide if they will be at the tail end or ahead of the curve created by the greening of the economy.

This breakout session brings experts in environmental practices as well as businesses that have benefited from adopting these practices in their processes. Are there business opportunities in your waste stream to generate revenue or reduce operating costs?

This session will have three segments, each with an agenda oriented to having productive discussions to assist participating companies identify opportunities that their business could act upon.

Manitoba businesses participating in this breakout session will walk out of the room having understood that being environmentally responsible can have a positive impact in the company’s bottom-line. The opportunity could lay in finding value in the company’s waste or improving operational efficiency and finding savings by reducing waste.


  • Marcy Markusa / CBC Radio One
  • Rob Spewak / Red River College
  • Christa Rust / CBCRA – Recycle Everywhere
  • Ash Raichure / Dillon


  • Rick Penner / Re-TRAC
  • Dennis Cunningham / Assiniboine Credit Union
  • Neil Krovats / Clearline
  • Alex Rowntree / Magellan