Code of Excellence

This code must be known and respected by all volunteers involved in this importance event.

Any failure to the obligations below will be considered as a breach in the code.

  • Be punctual: arrival 15 minutes before the beginning of the event
  • Wear uniform (black clothes+ shoes and Centrallia T-shirt)  and name tags throughout the event
  • Contact team leader for emergency cases or no-shows
  • Be polite and pleasant with participants and others
  • Be team player: consider team objectives not individuals
  • Take accountability regarding any failure on your part
  • Be neat and clean in appearance
  • Use clear and understandable bilingual greetings if possible “hello,bonjour” to communicate with participants
  • Use appropriate wordings to greet, inform and guide participants
  • Show enthusiasm and commitment to the tasks assigned
  • Take initiative to find help when having difficulties to satisfy a participant’s needs
  • Respect time allocated to breaks and lunches
  • Be open minded: welcome participants with smile and willingness to help them
  • Take ownership: identify opportunities to deliver a great experience to the people participating at the event