About Centrallia

Grow your business at Centrallia

Centrallia Manitoba is a leading business forum that promotes business growth by eight targeted one-on-one meetings with other Manitoba companies, a tradeshow, and offering three streams of detailed knowledge sessions on procurement, unchartered opportunities (European Union and Northern Canada) and Green Manitoba.

The eight targeted meetings facilitate eight face-to-face conversations with businesses that otherwise would have been difficult to obtain. The meetings also have the potential to identifying new leads, new partnership opportunities and uncovering new or hidden markets.
The atmosphere at Centrallia Manitoba will be engineered to encourage participants to network— a potential of 400 connections for one company over the course of the forum.
The knowledge sessions topics will include:

  • Procurement: learn what it takes to become suppliers to key economic players in Manitoba including government.
  • Opportunities in uncharted territories: opportunities in regions in northern Canada and the European Union.
  • The growing green business in Manitoba/Green Manitoba program: how to become profitable by being environmentally responsible.

A business match-making system.

Centrallia is based on the internationally recognized business to business match-making forum Futurallia, which has successfully brought thousands of businesses together since its founding in 1990. At the core of the concept are a series of prearranged one-on-one meetings that allow businesses to quickly connect and find ground for common opportunity. As a Centrallia participant you experience an action packed 1 1⁄2 days where everything has been optimized to deliver real value and results for your business.