Centrallia: Meetings that make a difference

Cal HarrisonIt was October 2010, and a first-time experience for sales and marketing expert Cal Harrison at the Centrallia event organized by the World Trade Centre Winnipeg. The global business to business forum offers a unique and unparalleled opportunity to network with Manitoba and international entrepreneurs.

“It’s an effective forum,” said Cal Harrison. “It builds understanding on today’s issues and prevailing market trends. Centrallia was also an opportunity for me to explore potential partnership opportunities in Manitoba,” he added. “It’s a good way to meet some very interesting people.”

One meeting in particular had a significant impact on the young Manitoba entrepreneur who, in the wake of the forum, set about developing a new and unique strategy to offer a broad range of marketing recommendations. Cal Harrison’s bestseller, The Consultant with Pink Hair, shares various keys to success for consulting firms in an increasingly competitive market, and has a direct link with the Centrallia event in which the author took part on October 20-22, 2010.

“At Centrallia, I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by American management expert Ken Blanchard,” said Cal Harrison. “While I had been working on my book for quite some time, after hearing what he had to say, I decided to implement an approach that more closely mirrored his and which really appealed to me. My book therefore uses a more narrative style to provide professional sales advice.”

Cal Harrison’s experience is a particularly good example of the wealth of information and services available at Centrallia.