“Centrallia introduced us to potential new sources of supply that we would not have met otherwise.”

Fraser Murie
Project Leader
Bristol Aerospace Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada www.magellan.aero

Bristol Aerospace Limited is an operating division of Magellan Aerospace that operates in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Bristol has more than 80 years of history in the aviation and aerospace industry and a reputation for manufacturing quality products for the global market place.

Centrallia Experience:

“Centrallia was a very positive experience for us. By participating at this forum, not only did we meet some delegations from a number of different international markets, but we were also able to develop some interesting contacts with suppliers from the local market. There was definitely value in our company participating in Centrallia and we look forward to participating again in 2012.”


Bristol Aerospace Limited is looking for aerospace-quality suppliers capable of supporting the affordability, delivery and quality requirements for major programs.